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Carova offers a Lease 2 Own program which seeks to provide an opportunity for qualified candidates who wish to become homeowners. With our program, your credit does not need to be perfect. In most cases, you don't need much more than two thousand five hundred dollars. You can select a home from our inventory within the Lehigh Valley which will best suit your needs and lifestyle. Carova's Lease 2 Own program helps you immediately move into a home that you agree to purchase within two years. In the meantime, you have time to improve your credit so that you may obtain a mortgage with the best possible terms. In many cases, Carova will even allow you to customize your home with your own paint and carpet selections. On top of that, Carova takes part of each lease payment and credits it towards your purchase price when you are ready to buy!

In a changing world, obtaining financing for purchasing a home is not easy. The average person faces many hurdles along the road to home ownership, some of which may sound familiar to you:

  1. Credit Troubles - These may arise out of medical problems, divorce, or other understandable credit-imparing causes.
  2. Down Payment - Coming up with enough money to put down on the purchase of a home can be very difficult, especially considering how many people live literally paycheck-to-paycheck.
  3. Fear of Homeownership - Doing anything for the first time can be frightening. Purchasing a home is often the largest single purchase in a person's life. Fear of this unknown can prevent many from ever being a homeowner.
  4. Timing Sometimes people just need a bit more time to get together their paperwork and obtain their mortgage. The mortgage application, underwriting, and approval process has become more burdensome and time consuming than ever before. This means that some folks simply need the time to get financing while living in their future home!

Carova's Lease 2 Own program helps many overcome the above hurdles through a unique approach. Carova's program requires minimal down money, overlooks many understandable credit problems, and provides guidance to help you overcome any fears or concerns. After pre-qualifying for Carova's program and selecting the right property from Carova's inventory, you can often be living in your new home within days! We then do our very best to help you best position yourself to achieve homeownership.

Carova's team members have helped hundreds of qualified people to become homeowners. However, homeownership is not for everyone. For this reason, Carova conducts a custom qualification for individuals on a case by case basis. Those not likely to be capable of becoming homeowners within two years are usually denied access to Carova's program at this time and are given advice so that they may enter the program at a later date.

Those who are granted access to the program are not guaranteed homeownership. Achieving this goal requires significant effort. However, Carova team members will be there during your lease purchase period to assist in any way they can. Lease payments must be made in a timely manner. You must systematically work on improving your credit while leasing from us. Job stability and employment are also important factors to ultimately qualifying for financing to purchase your home. In most every case, if you can maintain employment, address necessary credit issues, and keep payments current throughout your lease terms, you will own your own home!