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Are you frustrated with trying to buy a house?

Mortgage companies often will keep a prospective home buyer waiting months with the belief that the mortgage is right around the corner. At Carova, we get rid of the wait. Move into one of our houses right away - as early as the next day after meeting us. Then you have time to obtain the best mortgage possible.

Do you think your credit situation will not let you buy a home?

Come see us! We help people with all kinds of credit issues move into houses right away!

Who should utilize the Lease-2-Own program?

  • People with good credit but not enough down payment money
  • People who have had credit glitches and are working towards good credit standing.
  • People who need to be in a house immediately.
  • People tired of waiting for the mortgage company to finalize their mortgage.
  • Anybody who dreams of owning a home!

Carova Scores Big in Your Community!

The most frequent response we get from our tenants is that, "without Carova, I would have never been able to purchase my home".

When banks close a door and turn you down for a mortgage, we will open the window and give you a chance for the future. We work with your needs and help bridge the gap between being a renter and being a home owner.

Carova Makes Dreams Come True

The people at Carova Aquisitions have been helping the residents of the Lehigh Valley become homeowners for over a decade. The goal of the Carova Lease-2-Own program is simple: we provide a program that allows you to buy your own home within two years. In the meantime, you can move in right away! Lease the house from us and we will allocate a portion of your monthly payments towards the purchase of the house.

Carova Aquisitions does not charge application fees or real estate fees. You have nothing to lose but the money you are throwing away each month on rent, so give us a call and start down the road of being a homeowner!