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Request for Files Disclosure

After the form found on the Your First Step page is completed, Carova will need some more sensitive information.The Request for Files Disclosure form can be downloaded below. Please type your information in the form, then print to sign and fax in to our office. You will not be able to save typed information on the form, so please be sure to keep a copy for yourself.

You may fax the completed disclosure to our office at (610) 433-6049, or you may also send it in the mail.

Carova Acquisitions, LP
2041 Lawfer Avenue
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Download Request for Files Disclosure fillable form

If you are interested in our program and you would like to begin your application process please visit the following link:

When requesting you free credit report, it is not necessary to pay for your score for our review, or for any other offers. Please feel free to participate in any offers they may offer you on their website at your expense and at your own risk. We are not affiliated with the linked website, this is simply a way for you to obtain your credit information for forwarding to our attention at no charge to you.

You have the choice when visiting the website to only request one credit report. We do not require all three credit reports, although this is preferred. We only need TransUnion's report send to us. If you send only Experian or Equifax, you will be requested to send the TransUnion report before we can review your application for consideration for our program.

Please email or fax your report to or (610) 433-6049.