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The Carova Seven Point Guarantee

The Carova Seven Point Guarantee offers assurances that we believe in our Lease 2 Own program and that we will honor our commitments to you.

  1. At Carova, you will not be forced out of your home due to foreclosure. Smaller, fly-by-night companies and mom and pop landlords often try to offer lease to own structures only to suffer financial distress of their own. All too often we hear horror stories of tenants paying rent to their landlords on time but then the landlord fails to pay his/her mortgage on time. This results in foreclosures and evictions of tenants who did nothing wrong! Carova’s managers have been providing Lease 2 Own opportunities in the Lehigh Valley for approximately one and a half decades. Also, Carova has the resources and relationships to ensure that the above won’t happen to you in a Carova home!

  2. All Carova clients benefit from Carova’s Free Financial Fitness Program. People often spend thousands on credit repair services for themselves. At Carova, our Financial Fitness enrollment is automatic and free. We understand that life often throws curve balls that can hurt credit scores. Our credit repair specialist will be available to you to prepare a budget, help repair and build credit, and to help develop relationships with mortgage lenders. Our goal is not just to help you achieve homeownership, but to help provide a financial game plan for you and your family to ensure that you will keep your home for the long run and continue your path of financial success throughout life. Also, Carova is one of the few landlords that reports rental payments to the credit bureau (Equifax)! Thus, your credit will be improved just by making your rent payments on time!

  3. Home Warranty. During the first year in your new home, Carova will purchase a home warranty which will cover most repairs which may be needed in your home. If you wish to modify or increase coverage, you may do so. Also, if you wish to renew this insurance after the first year, you may do so as well.

  4. At Carova, you will not be treated “like a number.” The mortgage world is dehumanizing in that it doesn’t care about anything but the “numbers”. At Carova, we look at the People and their circumstances, NOT just the numbers! Our program provides the time to take the necessary steps to build and repair credit scores so that you can obtain a mortgage to achieve the dream of homeownership.

  5. The Carova Application Process is free. At Carova, we believe that you should not have to pay to see whether our not you can be approved for our Lease 2 Own Program. While reviewing your application does take us time and cost us money, we consider this an up front investment by us in you.

  6. Carova owns every home in its Lease 2 Own Program. At Carova, Lease 2 Own is what we do. We do not sell or lease other people’s homes. You will deal with us, from the beginning until you achieve the dream of homeownership. Because we specialize in Lease 2 Own, we know what we are doing and we do it better than anyone else in the Lehigh Valley.

  7. Carova will live up to its commitments. At the beginning of the Lease 2 Own Program, Carova commits to a sale price on your home. If the value of the home increases, Carova still sells you the home at the agreed, up front price.