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10 Benefits of Leasing Your Home from Us!

  1. You can immediately move into your new home without waiting for full mortgage qualification.
  2. A portion of your regular lease payments is applied towards your down payment. (This beats renting, where you get no long term benefits for your payments.)
  3. The Carova Team has been working together for over 11 years and has the experience to help.
  4. You have the ability to improve the home as you like. Make it your own!
  5. Carova will work with almost any type of credit situation - good, bad or no credit.
  6. Carova can provide you with support and assistance in your efforts to obtain the right mortgage.
  7. Carova gives you a full two years to obtain your mortgage.
  8. Carova has a maintenance crew for your use, at below market rates.
  9. The initial payment you make when you sign the lease/purchase agreement is applied in full towards the purchase price of the house when you buy it.
  10. We are really nice to work with!